Marks & Spencers And PPI - The Facts

  • £128 Million

    Was set aside by M&S bank in 2016 to repay customers mis-sold PPI

  • Over 230,000 Complaints

    That how many complaints M&S Bank is expecting, making up over 43% of all policies sold. 

  • Time running out to claim against M&S Banks

    All PPI claims need to be registered by August 2019, if you were mis-sold PPI by M&S Bank you need to act now.

Reclaim your Mis-Sold PPI By The M&S Bank

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Reclaim your Mis-Sold PPI By The M&S Bank

Marks & Spencers

If you have ever had a loan or credit card with M&S Bank then then there is a considerable chance that you have been mis-sold PPI. M&S Bank, set aside £128 million in 2016 to repay customers mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance. This was significantly higher than the previous year, which came in at £83 million.

The bank have revealed that they expect to finally receive over 230,000 complaints regarding mis-sold PPi on loans and credit cards. This would make up 43% of all the policies that they sold. They admit that they are uncertain about the total amount that they eventually have to set aside to meet the cost of mis-sold PPi, but in the past four years alone, the bill has topped £400 million.

At Beat the Banks, we are experts on claiming mis-sold PPI on loans and credit cards with M&S Bank. Unlike other claims companies, we look to recover all your banking records from M&S Bank before we submit your claim. This includes copies of original loan and credit card agreements. It allow us to be 100% accurate when submitting our claims. Just one of the main reasons why our claims success against M&S Bank is so high.

Did you have any borrowing with M&S Bank since it was formed in 1985 and pay PPI? Here is a bit of a reminder about the background of M&S Bank. Launched originally in 1985 as St Michaels Financial Services, they sold personal loans right from the very outset. The business was renamed M&S Financial Services in 1988 and introduced the M&S Money brand in 2003. At the same time they, launched their own store card. Previous charge card holders, say their accounts transferred to a full blown credit card.

Finally in 2004, the bank was sold to HSBC for £580 million on the proviso that they would continue to share profits until at least 2019.

If you think you might have paid PPI on a loan or credit card with M&S Bank, then our team of claims experts can help you recover what is rightfully yours. Remember uniquely, all our claims experts are former bank lender managers.

To find out more, you can give our team a call on 01382 200474 orfor free on 0800 193 1234.

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Beat The Banks care, we care about you, we care about reclaiming what's rightfully yours and together we will continue to Beat The Santander Bank. 

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